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Morgannwg Local Medical Committee

Frequently Asked Questions by Sessional GPs

What is the Local Medical Committee?

The Local Medical Committee (LMC) is the recognised statutory body which represents all local GPs including Contract-Holders and Non-Contract Holders through leadership, advice and support. There is a Local Medical Committee for every part of the UK.



Who are Sessional GPs?

Sessional GPs used to be called Non-principals and include:

  • Salaried GPs

  • Locum/ Freelance GPs

  • GP Retainers

  • Flexible Career Schemes (FCS) Doctors

  • GP Returners



What is the Membership of Morgannwg LMC?

Morgannwg LMC covers Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Bridgend areas:

  • 25 Elected Members - 10 GP contractors from Swansea, 5 GP contractors from Neath Port Talbot, 5 GP contractors from Bridgend and 5 Sessional GPs

  • Co-opted Members – representing Public Health, GP Trainees, Practice Managers



What can the LMC do for Sessional GPs?

  • Provide regular updates to Sessional GPs on important local and national issues through a regular monthly Newsletter and direct e-mailings

  • Provide a professional advisory and supportive role to individual Sessional GPs

  • Provide guidance on employment contracts

  • Help ensure fair play between employers and Freelance GPs

  • Advise on appraisal and revalidation processes, including funding

  • Provide a supportive/pastoral role for any Sessional GP who has difficulties with the Heatlh Board such as Complaints and Performance issues

  • Ensure that the Health Board, Deanery and other organisations are aware of the need to disseminate relevant information to Sessional GPs

  • Influence the policy of the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) of the BMA which has sole negotiating rights with the Department of Health for GPs employed under the Model Salaried GP Contract. The BMA Sessional GP Subcommittee considers issues relating to Sessional GPs across all four countries in the UK.



What the LMC cannot do for Sessional GPs?

  • The LMC is not a Trade Union and is not allowed to operate as a Trade Union. It will offer pastoral support to GPs in a dispute but cannot intervene in disputes or force parties concerned to comply with advice given.

  • The BMA is the Trade Union for Doctors and can give expert advice and intervene formally in disputes on behalf of a BMA Member or Members. However, the BMA cannot give individual legal or financial advice.

  • The LMC does not have access to the database for Sessional GPs (the Non-Contractor List) so it cannot contact Sessional GPs directly unless they make themselves known to the LMC office.



What about contracts and contract disputes?

Since 2004, all GMS practices and Health Boards are obliged to offer at least the BMA Model Salaried GP Contract for all newly-appointed salaried GPs. Salaried GPs should check their Contract to ensure that the Terms & Conditions are comparable to the Model Contract. Returners, Retainers and Flexible Career Scheme doctors should also have Contract terms in line with that offered under the Model Salaried GP Contract but should also include the specific features such as educational time. Specific guidance is available for these groups of doctors from the BMA. Further information is available from the BMA website or BMA members can call AskBMA: 0300 123 1231. The LMC is available to give advice to non-BMA Members but it does not have the same level of expertise available as the BMA.



If I don’t want my employer to know, how will the LMC ensure confidentiality?

The LMC takes confidentiality very seriously and will only disclose information to third parties if there is prior consent.



When does the LMC meet?

The full Morgannwg LMC meets bi-monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of May, July, September, November, January and March and the LMC Executive meets in the months between the full LMC meetings. The Annual General Meeting is held in April each year. The LMC also welcomes submissions for consideration at meetings from all GPs in its area and all GPs are welcome to come to all LMC meetings where they will be able to speak but will be ineligible to vote.



How is the LMC funded?

The LMC has two funding streams:

  • The Statutory Levy – to pay for the work of the LMC. All Practices contribute

  • The Voluntary Levy – to pay for the work of the General Practitioners Committees for Wales and the UK. All Practices in the Morgannwg LMC area (with the exception of LHB-managed Practices) pay the Voluntary Levy.

If you work for a Practice that pays the Voluntary Levy, you are entitled to stand for election to the LMC and for membership of other representative bodies that are part of the GPC structure.



How do I contact the LMC?

This can be done by phone, fax, email or face-to-face.

Contact details for the Morgannwg LMC office are:

  • Phone  01792 815954

  • Fax  01792 814938

  • Email  morgannwglmcltd@btconnect.com

If you prefer to speak to an LMC member, please contact Morag Liddel, Company Secretary