Swansea Sessional GPs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Locum Form A signed for each practice worked during the calendar month. Complete Locum Form B at the end of each month with a cheque payable to "Swansea Bay UHB”. Send all locum pension forms to:



            Primary Care Services

            Floor 3, Matrix House

            Northern Boulevard

            Matrix Park

            Swansea Enterprise Park


            SA6 8BX


            E-mail: juliet.vankeulen@wales.nhs.uk

Who do I send locum pension forms to?

What is form SD86 used for?

This is the annual statement (1 April to 30 March) of your pension contributions which is sent to NHS Pensions Agency in Fleetwood. These are not sent to locums automatically and need to be requested from NWSSP. It is up to the individual to check the SD86 for accuracy.

How do I get a BNF?

Sessional GPs can request a BNF and BNF for children by contacting the address below. Depending on whether they have any in stock one can be sent to your home address. Alternatively, the NICE BNF and BNFC apps for Android and iOS can be downloaded for free if you have an Athens Account.


             Edward Evans

             Stores and Logistics Manager

             NHS Wales Contractor Services

             Brecon House

             Mamhilad Park Estate


            NP4 0YP


             Tel: 01495 332265

             E-mail: edward.evans@wales.nhs.uk

How do I get an Athens login and password?

An Athens login and password will allow you access to various journals and online resources via the NHS Wales e-library for Health. ABMU library Services can also help you find a journal article, report or other information and email it to you. Contact:


            Susan Prosser

            Athens Administrator / Library Manager

            ABMU Health Board

            Singleton Hospital


           SA2 8QA


            Tel: 01792 205666 ext 5600

            Email: Susan.Prosser@wales.nhs.uk

How do I receive important communications from the Health Board?

GPs on the Medical Performers List who wish to be sent communications from the Health Board to a non-NHS e-mail address can do so by contacting:


              Sian Rees

              Contractor Services

              NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership


              Tel: 01792 607238

              E-mail: Sian.Rees6@wales.nhs.uk


Information can be from various sources including the Welsh Government, Department of Health and the Local Medical Committee. Public Health alerts can be viewed via the NPHS Wales website which includes drug alerts and re-calls.

How do I claim for reimbursement of course fees as a sessional GP?

Wales Deanery decide ad hoc when to allocate funds for sessional GPs to claim course fees during the financial year, so look out for updates from Deanery sent by email.